v.5 Jetta 2.0t DSG
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Jetta 2.0t
My Jetta is a 2006 2.0T with the DSG transmission and the Votex body kit, which is a factory option. The bright aluminum trim really sets off the black paint--I've gotten several spontaneous comments about how great the car looks. It's the perfect ride for a serious car enthusiast who is looking for a car that's engaging to drive every day, great around town, quiet and comfortable on long trips, and is a hoot on the back roads. The 2.0T is less boy-racer than the GLI, yet is very similar in the performance department. I drove a GLI and could barely tell the difference in the suspension settings. I typically get around 30-32 mpg on trips (cruising 75-80) and 25-26 in around town (45 mph and under) driving. I can't say enough about the perfect balance of performance, ride and comfort.

My wife actually spotted the car on our dealer's lot. We wanted something small and sporty but yet would carry lots of people and cargo, get good mileage, and would be comfortable on long trips. We thought we were probably asking too much until we found the 2.0T. We considered the Audi A4 and A3, and the Passat, all 2.0T versions. The A4 (quattro) was too heavy and cost too much, the A3 rode far too stiffly, and the Passat was too much like Grandpa's car (I'm 58 and I'm not ready to slow down yet!!) I also own a 1984 GTI that I bought new in the fall of 1983. The Jetta 2.0T marries the fun factor of the original GTI with enough grownup qualities to make the car enjoyable in any setting--from sporty to formal. I rode to this year's USGP in a BMW 540i, and I have to say that I prefer the Jetta. After a year of ownership and 13,000 miles, the car is still a treat to drive in every setting.