Lotus Eleven Project

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November 2007
What's there to say?  Tom has acquired yet another project.  With the Lozuki undergoing major renovations, the upcoming winter season was still going to be too long to nurture only one project!  So here goes.  The car was an unfinished project based on a Lotus Eleven clone kit.  It has a Suzuki Swift 1300cc twincam engine, which will nicely complement the super lightweight chassis.  The motor itself is a gem--all-alloy, with gun-drilled cams, etc., etc.  Should be interesting . . .
December 2008
Wow, the last 13 months have just screamed past.  And Tom has been making the most of them, as you can see in the accompanying photos of the completed project!  Last night I visited Tom and his garage, and over a growler of some fine Right Brain Brewery CEO Stout, Tom gave me a guided tour of the Eleven.  From the custom-fitted headlamp covers to the Brit-sourced taillamps, she's a beauty.  This is Tom's nicest project to date.  Keep 'em coming, Tom!

Here is a sampling of the car's features:
          Walnut dashboard
          Two-point fire system
          Stainless muffler (a Hayabusa system)
          Custom exhaust welding by Love Fab Motorsports
          Suzuki Swift 1300 engine and 5-speed transmission
          Twin Weber sidedraft carbs
          Powder coated frame
Hayabusa Exhaust System
Welding by Love Fab
Walnut Dash, Steering Wheel and Door Ribs
Walnut Dash and Wheel
Aluminum Doors to be Painted to Match Body
Suzuki Swift Engin, Weber Carbs
Header System
Nose Section Bracing
Tail with British-Sourced Lights
Rear Axle and Suspension
Rear Axle, Suspension and Tank
Rear Suspension
Headlamp and Cover