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Carlos and the other man looked over the car closely.  They had many questions, which required repeated exchanges in Spanish, for Carlos' companion spoke no English.  Finally they both seemed satisfied.  After a cell phone call with Senor Limon the deal was closed, for the asking price.  No dickering, no question that the price was fair.
The Lotus will be readied for shipment and the proceeds will be used to finance the next project - a two-seat Lola formula car with full body and a Suzuki Hyabusa water-cooled engine.  Check out this space for frequent reports on the progress of the project.
Lotus Super Seven
The Super Seven has been sold!  One evening Tom received a call from Senor Limon, of Mexico City.  He was very interested in the car.  It seems that they enjoy vintage racing in Mexico as much as we do here in the states.  Senor Limon was a very cautious man who asked a lot of excellent questions.  Assured that the car was worthy of consideration, Senor Limon asked Tom when could the car be seen?  Senor Limon wished to send a representative from California to check it out in person.
On the designated day, near the designated hour, Tom received a call from Carlos, Senor Limon's representative.  He was in Traverse City and would be at Tom's Garage in five minutes--would this be ok?  Of course it would!  Exactly five minutes later Carlos and another man pulled into Tom's driveway.