2005/2006/2007 Lozuki Gallery
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January 2005

Now in the final assembly stage, the car is now beginning to look ready to run.  Nearly all of the car's underbody components are in place--engine/transmission, cooling system, suspension, fuel cell, brakes, etc.  The wiring harness is routed as it will be when finished but is still held together loosely with blue tape until final testing is done.  Tom tried the engine briefly to check its systems and it fired immediately, developing 25 pounds of oil pressure while being cranked by the starter.

You'll note in the picture at the lower right that a digital shift position display has been installed.  Built for Hayabusa bikes by a British firm, the proprietor adapted it to the Lozuki's application. 

Soon the cooling system will be topped off and a few other minor things will be checked to ready the engine for a full running test.  The chassis, suspension and powertrain are also close to being ready for road testing.

Fire Bottle
Dash Assembly
Front Suspension
Front Quarter
Rear Quarter
Brain Box
Hayabusa Engine
Shift Selector Display
November 2006
Radiator Ducting
Radiator Ducting and Bulkhead
Fuel Tank Panel
February 2007

The project is rapidly coming to a conclusion. 

The car is beautiful.  The most visually striking development is the body--it is completed, in a striking Brooklands Green.   The color hearkens back to those nearly-black British Racing Greens of decades ago.  The shade is actually an Acura NSX color, pearlescent when applied by Acura, but in the case of the Lozuki, without the more modern effect--just the straight shade, although with a clear coat on top.  Tim Kramer, who laid the body from the old molds, applied the paint, with a liberal helping of elbow grease by Tom.  Tom points out that there is a certain hand-made asymmetry to the body that can be seen in the photo of the passenger's side of the car.

If you look closely, the accompanying photos reveal other developments as well.  The windshield and headlamp covers are installed, though the side windows aren't in place yet, the engine cowling, done in sheet aluminum, is attached to the rear body shell, the exhaust pipe peeks through the left rear side of the car.  

Lozuki in "open" position
Rear Body Shell
Front Body Shell
Driver's Side
Engine Cowling
July 2007

Tom's been busy with prepping and racing his Wheeler Super Vee, but he's had  time to put some finishing touches on the Lozuki.  Here are naturally-lit shots of the car.  Notice the extremely dark, literally mirror-like Brooklands Green paint.
December 2007

To make a long story short, aft of the firewall the Lozuki is undergoing a total renovation.  Gone is the 'zuki part of the equation, and now there is a air-cooled Super Vee engine and a Hewland transaxle.  Tom felt that this would better approximate the vintage flair of the car, as well as solve some packaging and drive train problems.  Most of the frame tubes have been revamped to hold the new power package.  Stay tuned for more developments . . .